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Nakona, Artist, Ceramics, Tattoo, Painting, Glass, San Francisco, Manus Lux Tattoo, Rockrose Studio, Philo



i was born an accident,

brought up by wolves and hard knocks on the head. Many of my wounds are self-inflicted, each scar a diploma and map for the future. I have worked as a worm, a mole, a bird, and recently a large badger. My process knows no bounds, my methods constantly under scrutiny. I have drawn silent pictures on the spines of trees, melted sand to the color of avocados, shoveled clay from abandoned diamond mines, and spilled jars of acetone inside crowded bars. I have drawn the blood of lost princes; followed the detailed instructions of homeless crazies. As I try and explain to you what any of this means, my tongue falls short. And really, if I could explain it with words, I wouldn’t be

making these pictures. . .

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email : nakona<at>

in person (by appt) : Manus Lux Tattoo